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kids Camping gear trips are great adventure for kids the natural scenario calmness and the building amaze the kids in many unique ways but to ensure comfort and maximum joy on their hiking trip you should keep some hiking gears that can enhance their total trekking experience

In today’s Blog were going to talk about the top 10 best kids Camping gear that you must need to add to make their hiking trip more comfortable so let’s get started here

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1) Merrell Big Kid's Ontario 85


Wet weekend trails on hiking trips the kids Merrell Ontario 85 waterproof hiking boots shield a little bit from stormy weather and puddles while maintaining traction on various terrain

This boot has suit and mesh that provide breathability and durability along with cushy lightweight even midsoles that offer all-day comfort so your kids can explore every trail without any problem

It has a corduroy fabric that delivers excellent performance while it is abrasion and tear resistant making it super durable on hiking trips for your kids

Its amps like dry waterproof construction with m select rubber outsole grip keeps the feet dry in wet weather and provides traction which ensures the safety of your kids on a campsite

Moreover its tongue helps to keep debris away and the antibacterial properties in lining helps to prevent bacteria and control odor

weighing at around one pound these hiking boots have traditional lace-up closure for snug feet so it stays fit around a little bit while they are enjoying the trailing

Perfect for trailing and hiking the waterproof ontario 85 by Merrell is versatile and very cool durable and breathable material makes it an ideal companion for your kids and it has earned amazing ratings and reviews from the users and you can get this at around $65 dollars

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2) High Stream Gear Kids Trekking Poles

Get yourself introduced with a High Stream Gear Kids Trekking Poles that is exactly what your kids need to conquer any terrain safely

Forged with durable 7075 aluminum these trekking poles are fully telescopic and collapsible which keeps the walking sticks safe and away from damage when not in use

With easy telescopic features your kids can adjust the size of these poles from 5.1 inches to 40 inches so they can get the desired size according to their needs

Besides it has an evil rubber handle that provides a secure and comfortable grip while your kids are hiking and it keeps away the moisture so that on a rainy day it locks in your kids hands

To make your kids hiking more secure and safe these poles have three types of rubber tips including hard surface mud and snow basket

So your kids can conquer any trail without facing any problem

Let your kids enjoy the High Stream Gear Kids Trekking Poles that are made of durable materials and offer excellent facilities which will let them conquer any track without compromising safety and with great reviews and ratings this gear has a pretty good price tag weight is at around $31

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3)Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat Kids

Adventurous kids meet your match in the Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat that provides shade plus it’s foldable, packable and reflective in low light conditions which makes it an ideal companion on hiking grips

The main body is made with a perfect combination of nylon and polisher with mesh which makes it extremely breathable plus it provides UPF 50 plus sun protection along with blue sun certification in order to ensure safety for your kids

Its PFC free durable water repellent finish with their comfortable wicking sweat that keeps away the moisture so the little hits stay fresh and sweat less

It also has reflective panels on top to keep the kids visible in low light besides a 3.25 inch brim and 5.5 inch neck shape provide shelter from the sun so they stay comfortable while roaming on campsites

To keep it locked on the head this cap has adjustable sizing straps and the easily foldable brim helps it pack up small

The Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat is the perfect companion for our kids because it provides excellent protection against the sun so little ones can enjoy and spend a fun time at the campsite

It has earned amazing reviews and ratings from the customers and you can get one for $32

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4) LifeStraw Play Water Filter Bottle with Lead Reduction 10 fl.oz

Keeping a water bottle on hikes makes your kids backpack bulky but with a LifeStraw water filter bottle your kids can easily filter water from any source to keep themselves hydrated without making their backpack bulky

it has activated carbon filters that can last up to 26 gallons of water while it can filter 99.99 of bacteria parasites and micro plastics so that your kids will get fresh hygienic water every time on their hiking trip

Besides the membrane micro filter lasts up to 500 gallon of water easily and reduces lead chlorine, pesticides and volatile organic compounds so the little one can filter water from any source without any block

This filter is replaceable but the materials of this water filter are BPA free and dishwasher safe so that your kids can easily clean it after tiring trekking without compromising health safety

Moreover it is nsf-42 and US epic drinking water standard certified ensuring safety without any doubt

Stay hydrated on a hiking trip without carrying a bulky water bottle as the LifeStraw play water filter bottle is the perfect and essential companion for your little one and with pretty good ratings and reviews from the customers you can get this amazing bottle at $40 only

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5) Thermacell MR450 Armored Portable Mosquito Repellent

Compact and rugged mosquito repellent that creates a protective shield to keep your kids safe from mosquitoes and bugs meet the Thermacell MR450 Armored Portable Mosquito Repellent which is an essential thing to carry on hiking trips

With 15 foot of area protection it comes with no on-skin chemicals or sprays that ensure the safety of your kid’s health as well as it is safe for environments too

A trusted choice for the toughest conditions this thermostat creates invisible protection that keeps the mosquitoes away from 12 hours with full cartridge and three repellent mats so your kids can spend precious time at the campsite

Blue led zone check feature alerts you when the fuel runs out so you can easily store new cartridges to keep the protection shields alive on the campsite

Weighing at around 0.75 pound its rubber armored exterior makes it rugged and comfortable in your kits hand plus it includes a belt clip for easy transport and storage makes it the perfect companion for a hiking trip

Ideal for repelling mosquitoes from the hiking to the great outdoors the Thermacell MR450 Armored Portable Mosquito Repellent is always ready with this protective shield so that you and your kids stay safe from bugs and mosquitoes on a campsite and it does earn amazing ratings and reviews from the customers and you can find one for $33

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6) Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight Medical Kit

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight Medical Kit

It comes with an easy care first aid system that organizes first aid supplies into injury-specific storages to eliminate guesswork and ensure your kids can use the right treatment quickly and the major accommodate for one person only

this first aid kit includes various bandage antibiotic ointments ibuprofen aspirin and many more kids to ensure you always have the right kid in time of need which is just perfect for one or two days of hiking trip

Its rugged packaging with the compact lightweight design will perform whatever the condition is thanks to the dry flex pack as it provides the ultimate waterproof storage which makes it the perfect companion for hiking

you can easily attach the kit to the outside of your pack with no fear at all as the two layers of rugged waterproofing protection keep the content safe and dry even in the most extreme elements

The adventure medical kit is equipped with carefully selected supplies tailored to meet any basic first it needs that your kids might experience on a campsite and this ultralight watertight point 5 medical kit has great reviews from its customers and you can get this at around $19

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7) goTele GPS Tracker

goTele GPS Tracker

Get yourself introduced with a GoTele GPS Tracker device that will let you know the exact location of your little squad the goal elegist tracker is packed with a bunch of features that will make it an ideal companion for a hiking trip

It provides real time tracking SOS geophone offline map and message so without any kind of blockage you can communicate with your team when you need

 it suitable for outdoors because its GPS tracker allows users to communicate directly from GoTele to GoTele without cell service or Wi-Fi so you can easily monitor the loved ones or anyone to keep them safe no matter where you are

 It is packed with sturdy materials that keep it safe from water and shock so no matter where you go it stays alive without breaking in sweat

Besides this tracker is safe for senior citizens and pits also this GPS tracker is compatible with iOS or android devices so you can also monitor and always know your team’s current position when they go out for trekking

with GoTele you and your team can stay connected even when your phone has no service at all by using GPS and long range radio technology you can now communicate in the most remote places even on hiking trips and with good reviews and rings you can get this at around $160

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8) BLITZU LED Headlamp Flashlight for Adults and Kids


Hiking is a great adventure for kids but roam freely in the dark you can get them lit too a cute looking led headlamp that can provide essential brightness for your loved ones

This led headlamp can produce up to 165 lumens of brightness with a 300 feet beam distance in order to cover a wide area and feature 7 modes so you and your kids set any mode to move at night without getting lost on any trail

Made of durable non-toxic materials that are 100% child friendly making this headline the most reliable in its class

Besides the ips5 water resistant rating protects it from splash or spraying water from any angle

It comes with a comfortable and stylish head strap that is stretchy and adjustable to feed all adults and kids so your kids can roam freely with ultimate comfort

This headlamp can improve visibility instantly with hands-free bright lighting so that your kids can forget the struggle to hold a flashlight when performing any task

The BLITZU zoo is the perfect waterproof led headlamp that provides more than enough brightness on hiking trips so that the little ones can roam freely

This headlamp has earned amazing reviews and ratings from the customers and you can get it at around $12

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9)Verizon GizmoWatch

A simple design makes it easy for younger kids to use the GizmoWatch lets your kids stay in touch with you even when they’re out doing their own thing at hiking

It comes with the speed and reliability of the nation’s largest 4g LTE network which means without any problem the device is always ready to deliver messages from one dimension to another

Your child can call up to 10 program numbers in case of an emergency or just a check-in and if you need to get in touch you can either call or send a text message to the GPS watch

In addition to regular GPS tracking you can set GPS boundaries to keep your kids safe if they cross a barrier you’ll get an automatic Alert

Your kids can make their exercise or trekking more fun because it has a step counter that lets you count steps and set schedule reminders to encourage your kids to reach their goals

No block while enjoying hiking it is waterproof and its straps are customizable also so you can pick out any colors and strap times to fit any occasion

let your kids roam around the campsite while being connected and stay relaxed because with the reason Verizon GizmoWatch watch you will always know the exact location of your kids and communicate with them if needed

It has earned good reviews and ratings from the customers and this product starts from $176

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10) Gregory Wander 70 Pack

Gregory Wander 70 Pack

As the years go by and the trails get longer and tougher the kids Gregory Wander 70 Pack is ready for it all helping your young adventurer carry their gear for a comfortable hiking trip

Offering 70 liter capacity with full-length U-Zip primary pack access makes for frustration free packing and unpacking where you can store all hiking belongings for your kids

Besides it is made from high density nylon that makes it durable its versafit adjustable wishbone towards the suspension and plush with fully adjustable harness offer a just right fit for comfort and the airwave back panel with 3d phone provides enhanced airflow when they are working hard

Active wrap key built with adjustable build lets them get a secure comfortable carry weld internal hydration sleeve holds a reservoir for easy access hydration during their hike

It has a bunch of mesh pockets where you can store raincoats water bottles for your kids

Besides it also has loops that help to attach odd-shaped items and additional gear to make their hiking more comfortable

Packed with all the essential hiking gear for your young adventurer with the Gregory Wander 70 Pack offering max space and external pockets to keep organized hiking belongings to make their hiking successful and with excellent ratings and reviews you can find one at $180

so that was all about the 10 best kids Camping gear for your kids thanks for Reading our Blog like comment and share with your friends if you found this Blog helpful and do subscribe to our Newsletter if you want to see more Blog like this on your feed

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