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Almost everything that we use on a daily basis is produced with the help of smart robot from the artificial plant on disk to your phone even your car is made by robot

smart robot are making our lives easier and they are not limited to industrial works anymore they are making their way towards our home making our everyday lives more robust easy and enjoyable

In this Blog we have listed top 10 smart robot that you can get for your home for more robust lifestyle playful and enjoyable moments.

1) Lovot smart robot

Lovot smart robot

Introducing Lovot a simple yet smart robot which can enhance level of comfort and feelings of love conveniently this smart robot is equipped with 50 sensors on its body and with machine learning technology

So that it can learn from your daily interactions can detect where it’s being touched and when touched it can be surprised with cute and worming reactions

It has 10 or more CPUs and emotional technology which enables it to provide behavior that is very much like a living being

it has horn shaped antenna which houses the munitions sir a 360-degree half sphere camera and a microphone which animals each recognize the robot surroundings and distinguish human beings from objects

On the eye display of loba six layers of lights are projected to create natural eye effects it also has a speaker which simulate the sound echoing inside of an oral cavity creating unnatural sense of life

It has an obstacle sensor and distance sensor which works simultaneously to provide autonomously mobility and it also uses depth sensing camera which can detect difference in height and take optimal actions to provide a swift ride

Fill your life with little more love and get Lovot.

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2) Vector smart robot

Vector smart robot

Say hi to Vector your personal home robot who is aware of its surroundings this robot has a powerful processor and combined with cloud connectivity it can create its own powerful brain which enables it to process his surroundings and connect to the internet to answer questions or tell you the weather

You can interact with this robot with voice command just say hey Vector and it will instantly perk up it uses an HD camera to see the world around it

With the help of computer vision it can recognize and remember faces it can also navigate through its space without bumping into things effortlessly

it has four powerful microphone areas for directional hearing whenever you want to talk with it is always ready and if there is a loud noise it can be startled as you are

This robot is equipped with touch sensors and an accelerometer which enables it to know when it’s being touched or moved so that you can pet him

It has four drop sensors which protects it from falling off the table and breaking itself while on the move

This robot has built an Alexa which means you can control your smart home devices with just your voice command without leaving your comfort zone

Spice up your everyday life at home with Vector robot with good reviews and ratings you can get this robot at around $25

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3) Gomer smart robot

Gomer smart robot

Gomer is the world’s first robot with a soft hand in consumer grade he can grab objects of various sizes it is equipped with high integration of AI and Accord ex a seven quad-core CPU which enables it to recognize patterns your face and impressions to interact with you accordingly

This robot has an ideal mode in which it can perform autonomously follow object play with cubes or others providing you an enjoyable experience

It has a six volt motor which can provide speed up to six millimeter per second combined with rubber treads it can roam around your house effortlessly

This robot has 130 degree wide angle camera that can record at 720p and allows you to send voice messages record and share whatever you want instantly

It has a graphical programming and robotics educational system which can inspire your kids to be innovating and see the world from different angles

This robot can be a perfect companion for you and your kids at home with good reviews and comments you can get this robot from online

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4) Olly smart robot

olly robot smart robot

Olly is the first home robot with evolving personality combined with arm quad core processor and AI engine it can develop a unique personality that suits you and connecting with your life more personally than ever

By using its two five megapixel wide-angle camera and for memes microphone it can understand your facial expressions vocal intonation and verbal patterns this understanding allows only to move and talk to you in an unprecedented way

It has three high quality speakers which enables it to interact with people in a more natural way similar to how a person might

it can proactively start a conversation rather than just reacting to a command it can communicate with you using its custom-made auto ship ld matrix consisting of 64 RGB leds in a design language that is as visually unique to you yet understandable for you

You should get this device to make your everyday stressful life Olly more fun the smart robot is going through its crowd funding campaign right now

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5) Walker smart robot

Walker smart robot

Walker is an intelligent humanoid service robot to ease your everyday household work making life smarter and more convenient

it has two seven degree of freedom manipulators which provides wide range of arm movement flexible manipulation and obstacle avoidance by using visual and first sensor it can maintain its body language while moving and carrying stuff

using gait planning and control it can adapt to complex surfaces and walk on any surface you have easily by using advanced control algorithms it can maintain stable control of its hand and arm while swiftly moving through its surrounding environment

With new and improved vision navigation system this robot can recognize contour color depth and others without any visual aids which increases its ability to avoid moving obstacles while creating an optimal path for navigation

It has an open and convenient smart home API which allows you to connect your smart home devices easily and to control them according to need

You should get this robot to help you complete simple household chores quickly and allow more quality time with family

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6) Honda Debuts 3E-A18 smart robot

honda smart robot

The Honda Debuts 3E-A18 is a communication robot developed with empathy as its team so that it can share compassion toward and blend in with your life easily

Equipped with continuous integration it can recognize your activities motions and interact with rich facial expressions sound and movement according to your mood

It has soft exterior skin and rounded design which makes it comfortable when touched or hugged providing you human-like interaction

It is equipped with balance control technology and Omni directional movement algorithm which enable it to handle a collision from any direction and move smoothly alongside people without any interruption

This robot can be a perfect companion in hard times improving your mood through empathy and this robot is going through its designing phase and expects it to arrive real soon

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7) Loomo Mini smart robot

Loomo smart robot

Loomo is the smartest most capable personal vehicle ever created it is equipped with Intel Atom Z8750 processor and four gigabytes of ram which ensures fast and smooth operation so that you get human-like interactions from the robot every time

With 64 gigabytes of internal storage it can store your photos and videos and learns everyday from you and includes new features to impress and surprise you

With powerful motors and a large 329 watt battery it can achieve a speed of up to 11 miles per hour up to a distance of 22 miles so that you can go on longer trips without any interruptions

it uses Intel realsense ZR300 camera for depth sensing and motion tracking which enables 3d perception robot mapping and obstacle avoidance so that it can follow you autonomously without any problems

it has a thousand ADP HD camera with 30 her streaming and 104 degree FOV for visual perception combined with three axis gimbals animals eat to shoot best quality photos and videos automatically

It is equipped with five microphone area on its head to determine voice or noise direction and recognize voice commands enabling you to control it with her voice

Several other touch sensors on its body that enable human robot interaction and provide another method of control at your hand

This hover board weighs about 19 kg and you should definitely get this in order to have a hover board and robot test combined

After a successful crowd funding campaign this hover board is now in demand on indiegogo

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8) Aibo smart robot

smart robot

Introducing Aibo a robotic pet which brings warmth with lovable behavior and delight your everyday life it is equipped with 64-bit quad-core cpu which can deliver fast performance and interaction to provide your real dog lag experience

this robot has one main camera and a slant camera which animals need to memorize up 200 faces and can recognize and respond to different interaction

it is equipped with six sensors a motion detector and lie detector which enables the robot to detect obstacles and move flawlessly around the house

this robot has four microphones so that it can hear and respond to your voice commands with accuracy

playing with Aibo can be fun as it has a touch sensors on its head beneath its chain and on its back so that when you pet one it will react with obvious pleasure closing its eyes and leaning into the pitti providing you a quality time with the Aibo

it has a smartphone app which you can use to customize your Aibo determining things like its gender voice speech and eye color it features a rechargeable battery which can provide a battery life up to two hours

so that you can spend more time with Aibo without any interruption i will can be the perfect robot companion as it doesnt need any extra food or visit vet saving you time and money while providing life jock like experience

you can get this robot at around $3000 available online

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9) Temi smart robot

Temi smart robot

Temi is the first robot that truly interacts with humans while providing flawless connection to your loved ones and devices

Temi is equipped with robots navigation system 360-degree leader true depth cameras RGB camera 5 proximity sensors and real-time sensor fusion which analyzes data and ensures safe autonomous navigation through 3d mapping, path planning, obstacle avoidance, user detection and tracking

It features a 10.1 inches IPS LCD touch color display with a pixel density up to 225 ppi and with the help of brushless DC motor and planetary gear it can autonomously track your face and tilt the screen with accuracy

In wing you to interact with a robot with clarity it has a 13 megapixel high resolution camera which can record thousand ATB videos at 30 FPS while providing two-way live conversation with their loved ones

Temi has 20 watt speaker with high fidelity equalizer which provides best quality music it also has four omnidirectional digital mics with real-time localization so that you can get best audio Calling experience with built-in Alexa you can command your Temi to play music place calls check the weather and even control Smartphone devices without living your comfort zone

Temi is your ultimate personal robot and you can get it around $1500 online

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10) Foldimate smart robot

Foldimate smart robot

Foldimate a fully functional machine that folds your clothes with perfection saving you time and energy its fast folding technology allows you to fold a full laundry load or around any five items in less than five minutes and you can have perfectly folded clothes within a short period of time

Its ergonomic designed clipping technology enables you to easily clip each item quickly and perfectly the machine is capable of folding unlimited items continuously as long as you continue clipping

so that you don’t have to worry about unfolded clothes lying around your house its smart folding technology adjust the folding according to the item being folded giving you need and smooth folding for every individual item to have a neat and organized closet just the way you’ve always wanted and to save time and energy you should get the fold man

You can get the fold met by joining their pre-order wait list from their official website

that is it with our smart robot like share and comment below to let us know your thoughts in the comment section subscribe to our newsletter for more Blog like this

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