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We can’t teach kids outdated stuff if we want them to compete in the future introducing Grove Junior. a series of programmable magnetic electronic modules for steam education

It teaches young makers programming electronics design and creative and logical thinking all while they’re having too much fun to notice using Grove Junior is a cinch

The magnetic modules are all color-coded by function and you can connect different inputs and outputs in the circuit this will help you learn about electronics easily while simplifying creative tasks

No matter your project Grove Junior has the connections for it by the magnets cables are both with the versatile magnetic adapter

you can snap them together any way you want its effortless to get started build simple programming projects and start a journey of invention and with the pre-programmed kit you can play right out of the box grove junior is based on scratch 3.0 graphical programming for pc Mac or mobile tablet just by clicking and dragging kids are able to program their own idea

It is also compatible with Lego to further bring playtime and learning seamlessly together the possibilities truly are endless

For teachers and parents wave prepared an easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial book to guide you through everything you’ll need to know about programming ideal projects

Back us today and get the amazing grove junior so your children can have an incredible time and a bright future

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2) Fitbit Ace Kids Activity Tracker

Fitbit Ace Kids Activity Tracker

Sometimes a little nudge is all it takes to go from downtime to get a bingo time introducing for fittings the activity tracker that helps kids get moving

Ace is designed to keep up with kids no matter where their day takes.

Kids set their own activity goals then watch their step count get higher and high they can even get motivating messages and compete in step challenges

when kids crush their goals ace buzzes with fireworks making every success as celebration and when all that running around whines down Ace tracks their sleep so you know they’re rested and ready for a new day

With the new family account feature in the Fitbit app it’s easy for the whole family to stay connected

Parents can check on their kid’s activity anytime and kids can use the app to track their stats badges they’ve earned and more

From lazy Sundays to school days get kids moving with Ace.

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3) Pigzbe: Helps Kids 6+ Develop Great Money Habits

Built for a digital world with digital money so we created Pigzbe a hands-on piggy wallet designed to give children ages 6 and up financial superpowers

Helping a children learn about money in a digital world is fundamental but it should be fun and it should be relevant Pigzbe is a friendly financial assistant that turns learning about earning saving and spending into an adventure

It’s a hands-on home for your digital money that lets children touch interact and learn with the savings away from the screen

Use Pigzbe to explore games store digital money and notify you what comes in and what goes out

For children the app is a playful interface for more advanced activities like setting savings goals and learning about budgeting they can visualize that digital money in a whole new way that encourages them to say and explore new financial concepts

for parents Pigzbe is an easy way to send allowances set tasks track achievements give money for special occasions and invite other family members and friends to join in the experience from anywhere in the world

Pigzbe will help kids do just that with a brand new tool and a unique experience the love and remember forever and an entire generation growing up with financial superpowers an unstoppable force will change you

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4) Woobo Mini: Your Kids' Cuddly Storyteller

Woobo Mini

Introducing Woobo Mini. Woobo Mini is a soft huggable friend with silicon ears that are teething friendly each feature is perfect for everyone in the family

“play us a song please” Woobo Mini is a smart audio playmate for children with the swift click of a button your kids can hear a wide variety of songs and stories it’s easy to skip selections either press the next button on the toy or use the parent app from your phone

“once upon a time there were three little pigs who lived at home with their mom when they were old enough to take care of themselves” Woobo Mini is perfect design can weather any storm with its extra soft and plush exterior protecting its smart interior no accident missed catch or big squeeze is too strong

After a long day of fun everyone has to go to bed from the parent app mom and dad can easily set up night mode turning Woobo Mini into a night light, during night mode children will not be able to activate songs or stories so you can ensure they’ll have a quiet night’s sleep

From morning tonight Woobo Mini is a fun and exciting screen less addition to the family make each moment memorable with songs and stories from lobo mini smart- safe -simple but most importantly theirs to keep

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5) TechDen - Helping Your Kids Develop Healthier Screen Habits

The modern world is dealing with a very new and universal problem our kids are hooked on smart phones and tablets and when parents try to manage screen time it can cause major conflict in the home

how can we encourage our kids to disconnect from their devices and connect more with their family their friends and the real world the answer is TechDen we have created the first-ever product that combines an app the parents use to manage screen time with a physical home for our kids devices that also serves as a secure charging station

it’s a home to healthier screen habits and we call it TechDen within the app parents can set up schedules for their kids screen time when the times up the child puts their phone or tablet back in TechDen where it is charged stored and locked away

by setting up predictable schedules on the app kids can anticipate when they next allowed on their devices and for how long well before they have to return the device to TechDen the child will get regular notifications on their device of how much time they have left

When the device informs the kids that their time is up that parent-child conflict is reduced dramatically when a device is out of sight out of mind

When a phone or tablet is put away inside TechDen it can no longer serve as a visual cue that can trigger the desire to use it together parents and children can set goals and rewards for on-time returns

it’s another way that the child feels a part of the process and at the same time develops habits for healthy device use only by combining an app and a physical home for devices can we as parents feel that we have a complete solution the managing devices in our home

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6) TacoBot : Stackable Coding Robot for Kids


TacoBot is a staple in Asia noble which can play music and songs you will wake your kids up here are beautiful morning

TacoBot can turn into a little housekeeper just by changing your heads Italy however you need to be careful after kid than programming by buttons

Please TacoBot about a block structure you don’t worry when thoughts kiss can finish assembling the robot on your own without any complicated instructions

Different heads will result in different looks and functions

with the ultrasonic head TacoBot can detect the obstacles in front and bypass it

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