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Well, it’s a famous actuality that the climate in India is relatively different from other countries and it’s hard to endure with no electronic appliance. The Indian climate unlike the majority of the other countries is proven to provide more warmth and humidity for the vast majority of the moment.

A tower fan unlike the majority of the other varieties of fans that can be found in the marketplace today is designed to offer you the characteristics of the two air-coolers and air-conditioners. Even though a tower fan may not be an object of interest in the majority of the nations, in India, this digital appliance appears to be a boon. Recently, as tower fans were released in India, clients have produced testimonials that praise the benefits and characteristics of tower fans.

Though the requirement for tower fan is large nowadays, there are still individuals who don’t know the item and its benefits. In comparison to conventional ceiling fans or wall mounted fans, the requirement is low. In the following guide, we’ll talk about every detail regarding a tower fan.

How does this function? What’s so particular about tower fans? These few questions may have already arisen on your head at this time. To make things easy, a single response can answer these whole questions. A tower fan contrary to other fans includes a cylindrical casing that homes impeller blades which pulls air in and pushes out air in a broader span without creating any sounds.

While conventional fans deliver airflow at a concentrated and narrow manner, a tower fan can disperse air around. If you compare the dimensions, shape, and general layout of a tower fan with conventional fans, you’ll see them completely different, tower fans arrive with air impellers which are designed to move air through a vertical shaft and provide in a number of directions. You’ll discover this functioning principle in no other sort of fan.

Advantages of having a Tower fan in India

Space — Even though the majority of the fans which can be found on the current market, except the ceiling fan demands a massive region, a tower fan comes made in such a manner that it requires just a more compact region. In case you haven’t seen a tower fan until today, you ought to be aware that tower fans are made in such a manner that it’s less width and bigger height.

A bigger height doesn’t signify that tower fans are extremely tall; the elevation can range from 50 to 100 Cms maximum. This exceptional design of this tower fan is among the chief reasons why folks think about buying a tower fan in the first location. However, what about heavy duty pedestal fans?

No, heavy duty pedestal fans are thick and it needs more than 1 individual to move it out of location to another. But what if I inform you a tower fan with all the exact same or higher airflow is extremely simple to move in comparison with heavy duty base fans? Yes, indeed a tower fan with specifications which may compete with heavy duty fan is relatively less hefty and lighter compared to pedestal fans.

Stylish — Even though the majority of the conventional fans arrive in precisely the exact same form and layout, a tower fan comes in distinctive shape and layout. As stated previously, tower fans are relatively space-saving than distance intensive.

Designers of tower fan claim they have made a tower fan in this manner that it might suit any room configurations without bothering the aesthetics of space décor. A tower fan can supply exactly the exact same output as heavy duty pedestal fans on the market nowadays and the power absorbed by tower fans can be relatively very low compared to pedestal fans.

The audio created by ceiling fans and pedestal fans is relatively quite high compared to ceiling fans. But, allow me to remind you, tower fans compared to those conventional fans is extremely silent. A number of those tower fans from leading brands are made in such a way that’s simply no sound whilst working. As a result of this well designed and put impeller blades.

Extra attributes — While the majority of the conventional fans arrive with conventional controllers, you will find several newest version ceiling fans and pedestal fans that include the most recent additional capabilities. But in regards to tower fan, it’s common that the item will come integrated with additional features like timers, remote controllers, touch-sensitive switches, and variable breeze management.

Environmental friendly — Contrary to a conventional fan that pushes air in one direction for quite a while, a tower fan comes within a layout which enables it to operate and provide airflow in a manner that doesn’t interrupt the natural airflow at a space. Still another quality that comes integrated into each tower fan is your timer, which was made to turn off the fan following a period of time, therefore saving electricity.

As you’ve observed, there are numerous advantages to using a tower fan and you’re able to enjoy these advantages from any tower fans. But, you will find something which you ought to be aware of, Not all tower fans arrive equipped, manufactured, and marketed in precisely the identical manner. There are a number of brands that promote tower fan with inadequate quality and design; you’ll need to keep away from such brands and their goods. To Assist You Choose the best tower fan on the Indian market now,

1) Castor Cool Breeze Tower Fan

Castor Tower Fan

Are you interested in finding a fan that’s intended to provide higher-efficiency and greater airflow at precisely the exact same moment? Following that, you can’t say no to Castor Cool Breeze Fans, this tower is made in such a manner it may deliver to maximum 25 feet.

Castor Cool Breeze is an ideal companion for ignoring all your summer anxieties. Built with ultra-modern technology and the latest design, it’s a fantastic fan that fits all of your summer needs. It is put in the first place due to its supreme assemble quality, 4-way shipping and quiet operation at an affordable price.


  • This Item comes made in such a way that It’s compact and space saving in Precisely the Same period
  • This product is designed in such a way that it matches any contemporary room aesthetics
  • This fan can throw atmosphere at approximately 25-feet
  • Includes an optimum air delivery ability of 2250m3/hr
  • Among the noteworthy things about this product is that it comes integrated with a 4 fold attribute
  • The Whole merchandise comes made from anti-rust substance
  • Another significant thing about this fan is the manufacturer Provides a 1-year warranty about this product and having an
  • Additional 6-month guarantee upon free registration
  • Includes an optimum air delivery ability of 2250m3/h
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2) Crompton Tower Fan

Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fans, a soft airflow fan, is a brilliantly designed kitchen buddy that ensures a sweat-free and comfortable cooking environment for women.

There is no need to introduce the brand Crompton to anyone; Crompton has a legacy in manufacturing and marketing top quality electronic products and appliances in India. Unlike most of the tower fans, Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan is designed for kitchen use, to make homemakers time in the kitchen better.

To ensure that women don’t feel hot while cooking near the fire-flames especially, during the sultry summer season, Crompton comes up with its exclusive tower fan. It provides a cool breeze while you are cooking, without affecting the flame. Though priced lower than our topper, this only provides one-way delivery. Thus it is placed second on our list!


  • This fan is accompanied by an overall measurement of 21.6 x 17.6 x 55 cms
  • Among the noteworthy things about this fan is the fact that it includes adjustable louver that permits the fan to direct airflow into the essential direction
  • This fan is easy to wash and use
  • This fan is bladeless and was created in such a manner it may be utilised in homes with children
  • Produced in such a manner that this item could be straightened or mounted vertically or horizontally beneath the cupboard
  • This item is lightweight and compact at precisely the exact same time
  • This fan comes equipped with high quality atmosphere filters that purify the air, the exact same air filter is easy to wash
  • Includes a engine which could deliver a maximum rate of 2600 Rpm
  • Can likewise be used for concentrated air-flow whilst studying or sleeping.
  • Contrary to table fan or even the desk fan, the item offers air-flow for smaller regions.
  • The air-flow allows the homemakers to enjoy the cool breeze together with cooking.
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3) USHA Tower Fans

USHA Tower Fans

In this extremely hot summer, an ideal buddy to overcome this hot summer and to eliminate perspiration is USHA Plastic Fibre Fan. A brightly designed fan along with the facilitation of the latest technology helps to conquer sweaty weather. The aluminum engine ensures durability and longevity of the product.

USHA Plastic Fibre Fan is an ace quality product that ensures maximum air flow and help people to survive in this sticky and sweaty weather. Priced competitively, this takes the 3rd place.

Then, we recommend that you consider buying this product. Among the notable things that this product offer is style and sleek body.

  • Characteristics
    Compact and sleek design for the maximum air delivery in a focus point.
  • 100% aluminum engine for longer life.
  • The auto-protect characteristic of the engine aids in shielding it from short circuit requirements.
  • Modish and appealing body which makes it a fashionable and elegant product in look.
  • Provision of Delivery Fuse choice to protect the engine from thermal overloading.
  • Tubular centrifugal mill to ease the space-saving layout and Noise-less operation.
  • 3 diverse speed shifting choices and two hours manual timer for user comfort
  • Jerk-free and uniform broad oscillation.
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4) Kelvinator Tower Fan

Kelvinator is among the earliest electronic appliances fabricating brand in India today. The KTF-131 4 blade fan made and promoted by Kelvinator is among those few conquer fans which come out of this particular brand. This fan, unlike the majority of the tower fans, has been made to provide maximum efficacy and in a style which aids the user wash the item easily.

The heavy duty 150W strong motor consumes less power wherein atmosphere toss around 20 feet covers big area & space offering cool breeze immediately. Produced from ABS plastic, it’s exceedingly durable and shock-proof improving product’s lifestyle. The sleek and compact design makes it effortless to grip and convenient to maneuver occupying less space within the room.


  • Within This Fan motor integrated into this Item is designed to provide a maximum rate of 5000 Rpm
  • It comes integrated with 4 variable rate setting
  • Comes within a general design which makes it appropriate to match any room décor
  • Simple to clean
  • It includes motorized louvers that may disperse the warmth in various directions
  • This fan is both slick and slim at the Exact Same time
  • Includes Shock-proof body
  • This fan covers large region & bigger Distance
  • It’s Works on Inverter
  • Includes Low power consumption
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5) Russell Tower Fan

Russell Tower Fan

If you’re seeking a tower fan which has a fashionable and sleek design and comes combined with remote controller, then Russell Hobbs Fan is your viable merchandise for you.

A merchandise assembled based on the most current and upgraded technology together with a classy and contemporary body which seems cool when put in almost any area.

Why not believe the requirement for tower fan was growing daily for the last couple of days? The most important reason for such a increase in the need for fan is that the one of a kind characteristics a tower fan provides. Russell Hobbs includes a heritage in fabricating fans with all these exceptional attributes and quality.


  • This fan comes in such a manner that it absorbs only 50-watts electricity
  • The whole product consists of high quality ABS substance
  • Among the noteworthy things about this fan is the fact that it comes integrated with a 12-hour timer which may enable the user turn off the fan mechanically
  • Another significant quality that comes integrated into this item is that the remote controller which comes with 3 changeable speed controller
  • This fan includes fully operational LED lights and high quality and exact temperature screen
  • This fan comes from 48-inches dimension
  • Contrary to the majority of the tower fans on the Indian market now, this fan comes in a exceptional layout.
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6) Deco Tower Fan

Deco Tower Fan

If you’re seeking an perfect Tower Table fan that accompanies a multi-functional remote controller together with long engine life, then Deco  Fan is just one the finest merchandise for you.

A aluminum engine for longer life together with an appealing designer body makes this product an ideal and exemplary tower fan for both official and residential functions.

Deco is a new brand that produces and promote top excellent tower fan on the Indian marketplace now. The Deco Fan atmosphere tower tasteful indoor fan with remote is among the very best tower fans which you may buy today. This fan is devised in such a manner that it absorbs only 35-watts electricity.


  • This fan includes 3 variable speed alternative
  • Deco Fan has 3 breeze models
  • The Deco maker has integrated this product with remote controller
  • Deco Fan 7-hour timer integrated into this item
  • Oscillation function brings facilitation of Air-flow management.
  • The motors integrated into this fan is constructed from high-quality aluminum
  • This item includes a sleek and streamlined design
  • Possesses 3 diverse wind modes which are: Simulating, Organic Slumberous and standard Wind.
  • It includes multi-function Remote control for total comfort and simplicity of operation.
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7) V-Guard Tower Fan

V-Guard Tower Fan

V Guard has a 40 Watt motors that provides best cooling operation.Sleek and stylish, it’s equipped with auto swing motion which guarantees high levels of air transport and superb air circulation.

Besides a three steper fan speed controller that’s excellent for all cooling operations.

V Guard fans is among the very superb tower fans on the Indian market now. If you aren’t aware afterward, you ought to understand that V-Guard has a standing and a longstanding legacy in producing excellent motors and other digital goods, this fan isn’t different. company also Manufacturing pedestal fan.

Having a solid foundation, it provides better traction. Quite light in weight, it’s simple to take the V-Guard VeeMagik Fan around, which makes it very user friendly and mobile to a extent.


  • Designed and made to be compact and slick
  • Designed to be Utilized in Tiny cottages and with little living room
  • Among the noteworthy things about the product is that it includes a sweep speed of 750 Millimeter
  • This Item comes integrated using a motor which can provide a maximum rate of 1350 Rpm
  • The maker offers a 2-year guarantee with the product
  • Still Another thing Which Makes this fan unique is that it absorbs only 400-watts electricity
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8) BMS Lifestyle Tower Fan

This fan is among the greatest tower fans on the Indian market now. This fan comes in the very best manufacturer BMS and this brand has a reputation in marketing and manufacturing top notch fans in India. This item was created to give maximum airflow.


  • Comes made to provide air at large force
  • The maker has designed and fabricated this tower fan in this manner that it absorbs only less electricity
  • Among the noteworthy things about this item is that it consists made from high gloss rust-free material
  • This fan is compact and slick at precisely the exact same time
  • The maker provides a 1-year warranty with this item
  • The item comes integrated with a 150-watts engine that’s intended to offer a maximum output rate of 5000 Rpm
  • Another significant thing about this fan is it is lightweight, compact, and slick at precisely the exact same period
  • This fan is devised in such a manner that, if utilized with an air-conditioner can improve the cooling and may spread the cool atmosphere.
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9) Vitek tower fan

Vitek tower fan

would you like a fashionable and newest tower fan afterward this fan is among the best superb tower fans on the indian market now.


  • Among the noteworthy things about the particular product is that it includes a high precision wracking timer
  • This fan comes integrated with indoor temperature digital display feature
  • This Item includes a remote control which will Allow the user to get the Item liberally
  • Comes integrated using a louver that can help the user alter the direction of output from your fan
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10) Ekvira Tower Fan

This House Fan Are Made With The Indian Economy In Mind And Is Ideal for Indian Homes. Highly Multipurpose And Mobile, Use It From The Drawing Room Throughout The Day, Kitchen Whilst Cooking, Study/Pooja Rooms In The Day, And Back From The Bedroom To Create Your Nights Breezy Cool!! Highly Portable, Could Be Utilized In Various Rooms For Different Times Of The Day


  • This Item comes made to match virtually any room décor or placing
  • This fan comes integrated with 3 variable rate characteristic
  • This item is designed for heavy-duty
    Among the noteworthy things about this product is that it includes a powerful motor which may offer better atmosphere delivery effortlessly
  • The Whole product is lightweight and portable at Exactly the Same period
  • The maker has included a rubberized base to ensure the
  • This fan comes equipped specifically for Indian family

This is a buying guide that may help you pick and buy the very best tower fan in the marketplace.

Why is it that you believe we mentioned that you ought to be careful when selecting and buying a tower fan in India?

Among the easiest answers that could satisfy your issue is that tower fans are a relatively new products in the Indian marketplace and not too many men and women understand how it works and how to choose the ideal merchandise.

On the flip side, since the requirement for tower fans has improved exponentially, the industry competition has brought too many manufacturers into this section, therefore, raising the amount of tower fan versions available now. But, think about the variables mentioned below and you may select and buy a tower fan readily.

Size — As stated earlier, a tower fan comes in various sizes and the dimensions of this tower fan must play a significant part in selecting and buying the best tower fan. Why do you feel the magnitude of the tower fan is vital? As stated in the benefits section, among the greatest advantages/benefits of this tower fan is the fact that it’s space saving.

If you wind up buying a tower fan with a larger size, the item can provide more disadvantages than benefits. On the flip side, should you want a tower fan which may provide very large airflow, then you need to look at buying a tower fan with a relatively bigger size. Thus, we advise you to decide what your demand is and then buy a tower fan so.

Noise — As stated earlier, among the most significant added benefits of a tower lender is the fact that it generates lesser sound than other conventional fans. That is accurate and you ought to be aware that distinct tower fans arrive made in such a manner that every item generates different level sound.

If you’re somebody who’s buying a tower fan for the advantage of reduced sound whilst working, then we advise that you think about buying a tower fan with reduced sound levels. The sound made by a tower fan is often denoted by “Db” (Decibels) prefixed by a number, in the event the product that you consider to buy has a diminished Db, then it implies the item is hushed and on the flip side, if the merchandise has greater Db then the item is loudly. Now according to this pick and buy a tower fan so.

Since the grade of the product varies, the efficacy and the energy intake changes accordingly. This is only one reason why we advise that you never select a product depending on the name or cost. Rather, we advise that you think about buying a product listed below or see the product reviews and buy a tower fan so.

Design — Tower fan come at the exact same general layout and fashion, but to be frank, there’ll be a small gap in the plan and fashion. A tower fan is slick and streamlined, it’s designed to provide high airflow, and a few manufacturers have discovered ways to modify the fashion of the tower fan marginally without disrupting the efficacy of the unit.

We advise that you think about buying a tower fan according to your requirement in this manner in which the fashion of the fan is suitable for your room décor and preferences. If you figure out how to buy the very best stylish tower fan subsequently, the tower fan can add more attractiveness and style into your room.

Since the size, design, attributes differ; the energy consumption of this tower fan also varies. Some manufacturers markets and manufacture tower fans that include higher power consumption. This is only one reason why it’s extremely important to confirm the product specifications and buy a tower fan so.

Substance — A tower fan might be made from different kind of substances, it might be plastic or a metal. As you probably already know, there are various kinds of plastics based on caliber. Because of this, it’s extremely crucial that you think about buying a tower fan made from high quality vinyl.

Brand — The newest and its own reputations are among the principal things which you ought to think about while buying a tower fan in India. There are over 10 manufacturers in India that promote high quality tower fans. On the other hand, the grade of every product different and there’s absolutely not any way that a user can forecast the quality before buying the item. Thus, we advise that you think about buying a tower fan out of a brand with a reputation along with a brand that delivers maximum warranty period.

But if the item isn’t from a top rated reputed manufacturer and you aren’t contemplating a premium cost tower fan, then don’t opt to get merchandise with touch sensitive buttons. If you’re planning to obtain premium quality merchandise, then it is possible to think about a tower fan with touch sensitive button controllers.

In case you have children in your house, then their security could be your priority, so therefore, we advise that you think about buying a system which comes with smaller vents and other security features. Yes, you will find tower fans that include child security characteristics like smaller airflow ports, fuse, etc.


to escape out of the muggy warmth and sweaty figure a tower fan may be an important instrument for you. with the most recent technology and slick designs tower fans have totally altered the marketplace once and for all.

additionally with remote management choices and quiet performance this appliance may be utilized both in houses in addition to in offices. our recommendation on this particular listing is your castor tower fan. nonetheless it overlooks the remote controller. if youd like remote control performance opt for deco tower fan.

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