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In a world more sensitive than ever to the air we breathe and whats in it it makes sense that air cleaning devices are such popular products to buy right now.

filtering out aerosol droplets pollen wildfire smoke and particulates air purifiers can dramatically improve the air quality in your home that’s why in today’s Blog were going to talk about the top 10 best air purifiers that you can have at your house to breathe fresh healthy so without further ado let’s get started

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 1) Molekule Air Mini +

Molekule Air Mini


get yourself introduced with a Molekule Air Mini plus an air purifier with a small design that can clean refresh the air in ur home with ease making it the best choice for a small room coverage

This air purifier takes in surrounding air from every single angle because it has 360 degree air intake while covering 250 square feet of area making it perfect for a small room while the exquisite handle of the purifier gives it portability advantage so that you can move around your rooms very easily

The micro filtration process and particle capture feature makes in getting rid of viruses allergens bacteria vox and the molds in the air using nanotechnology

This purifier has a sensor that can rate particles level from good to bad and adjust the fan speed accordingly

It has low energy consumption and at the lowest fan speed the noise level of the purifier stays at 30 decibels

If you are looking for an air purifier which can perfectly clean the air of your small room then get this amazing product at around $499

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2) Himox H01 & H02 Air Purifier 

Himox H01 air purifier


Pretty fresh and stay healthy with himox H01 and H02 a unique set of air purifiers that remove harmful substances from yor surrounding ear so that you can enjoy clean air and stay healthy

they both pack a three-stage filtration system including a true h1 HEPA and high efficiency activate carbon filters which captures allergens hit here dander smoke mold odor and large dust particles in addition to removing 99.97 percent of airborne bacteria and viruses

The H01 and H02 offer three fan speeds and feature 360 degree air intake design which allows them to purify up to 185 square feet of area without breaking a sweat

This aromatherapy lets you create a restful and soothing indoor environment and helps to unclog stuffy noses relieves sore throats and aid in deeper more peaceful sleep

The H02 features a gorgeous night light that lets you choose between seven different colors and two light settings to spice up your room environment

You can easily set a timer for 4 to 8 hours while its built-in replacement indicator reminds you when you need to replace your filter these air purifiers run super quietly at night so you can enjoy the perfect good nights sleep and super compact to fit in any corner of your home

You can have the himox h01 and h02 at your home to ensure fresh and breathable air and you can get them for yourself at around 70 and 90 dollars respectively

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3) VAVA Air Purifier

VAVA Air Purifier


There is nothing more sensitive than the air we breathe and to ensure fresh and healthy air the vava air purifier is absolutely necessary to purify your surrounding air

This air purifier has advanced three-stage filtration the pre-filter removes large dust particles pet dander and household odor while the HEPA filter eliminates 99.97 percent of pollutants like pollen and dust mites

It comes with an adjustable uvc light technology which kills airborne bacteria and viruses to keep your home environment allergen free

this air purifier also has a change filter reminder that reminds you to change the filter every three to six months this purifier has three built-in fans which enables it to cover up to 350 square feet of area in sleep mode it is quieter than a whisper and turns of all the indicator lights so that you can enjoy perfect sleep

It features an energy saving timer that auto shuts off the purifier at two four or eight hour intervals while its memory function can remember your last saving preference to make your whole user experience efficient

The VAVA air purifier is an impeccable choice for those who want to ensure clean and allergen free air at home and you can avail this purifier at around $110

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4)Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier

Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier


Get a simple and straightforward air purifier with solid design and the best value for money get introduced with the honeywell HPA300 an overall good air purifier with an affordable price tag

This air purifier comes with a powerful HEPA filtration system that can capture 99.97 of airborne pollutants so that you can breathe easy

The pre-filter removes common odors caused by smoke pits cooking dorm smells gasses and captures large particles such as dust and pitch here while the HEPA filter captures microscopic allergens

the purifier covers an area of up to 465 square feet of area which is just fantastic for its price it has a mode of quite operation that allows high airflow at a low noise level circulating the air five times an hour so that you can relax and breathe easily

It also has features like easy to use touch control filter change indicator auto off timer option and control panel dimmer making these features very convenient for the user

If you want an all-around air purifier with lots of features get the honeywell HPA300 air purifier to make your engine air pure and immaculate

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5)Alen BreatheSmart Flex Air Purifier

Alen BreatheSmart Flex Air Purifier


Big room no big deal alen breatheSmart flex is an air purifier that can cover a lot of space with ease well terminating allergens pollens germs odors and more from your surrounding Air

It has unique HEPA type filters that can eliminate 99.97 of particles in the air with a coverage of up to a huge 700 square feet of space and clean the whole area every 30 minutes

It has four fan speed mode for optimizing the air purification even in the turbo mode it consumes a maximum of 50 watts making it a very energy efficient air purifier

This purifier has whisper max technology which includes slide-off mode and pink noise frequency that will help you to have a sound and deep sleep

Weighing at around 15 pounds and the height weight of 25 inches by 15 inches it is an awesome purifier which you can carry around your home very easily

Don’t worry if you want to purify the air of the large area buy the alen breatheSmart flex at $299 which is a solid budget option that can solve your problem

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6)Coway Airmega 400 Air Purifier

Coway Airmega 400 Air Purifier


Take a look at the future of air purification the coway Airmega 400 smart air purifier which will let you monitor the air you breathe and also turn your surrounding air fresh and clean

It has a max 2 filtration system combined with activated carbon and true HEPA filter that captures and reduces up to 99.97 particles in the air including pollen allergens and other pollutants while reducing volatile compounds by 99 all while covering 1560 square feet of area

The pollution sensor of this purifier always checks the air quality in real time and the led rings will let you know that how dirty or clean indoor air is helping you to monitor the air quality

it has 5 fan modes maxing the noise level at 43.2 decibels and these fan speeds can be auto adjusted based on the air quality of the room so you don’t have to worry about the air quality

The coway Airmega 400 smart air-purifier is the right choice if youre looking for a purifier with smart monitoring features

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7) Philips 2 in 1 Air Dehumidifier and purifier 5000 Series

Philips 2 in 1 Air Dehumidifier and purifier


Are you looking for a dehumidifier and purifier in one single product then the Philips two in one dehumidifier series 5000 is the perfect product that is made for you which can control your indoor humidity along with purifying the air with its different modes

It makes drying your clothes easier while keeping you away from air pollution or allergens bringing you a healthier and comfortable environment

You can preset the humidity level of your room by 40 to 80 percent and the humidity sensor provides accurate and real-time feedback so that the fan performs auto based on the numerical feedback the sensors provides

With a simple one touch you can switch between the humidity and purifier mode allowing you to enjoy the multiple functionalities of this product

This purifier has vita shield ips technology that can remove ultrafine particles from air as small as 20 nanometers making it a top class purifier

The five fan speed settings and one to nine hour of timer will let you customize the purifier according to your need and it also notifies you when it’s time to change the filter

If you want a multitasking product in your home then the Philips two in one air dehumidifier and purifier 5000 series is just for you which can control humidity and air in your home

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8) Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier

Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier


If you need an air purifier that not only ensures the air quality of your home but also greatly enhances the beauty of your home with a stylish design then you need to look at the blue pure 211 plus air purifier its activated carbon filters eliminate any kind of odor gases vox which can cover up to 540 square feet of area allowing you to enjoy the indoor air

It has an advanced Swedish design that captures 99% of airborne pollutants like viruses pollen dust mold bacteria and more so that you don’t accidentally intake any harmful component

fans on this purifier are very efficient too reducing the noise levels to 31 decibels ensuring you sleep better it has Scandinavian look leaving the mesh filter housing exposed while the washable fabric pre-filters in diva blue and dark shadow making it one of the most elegant looking air purifiers on the market

Breathe fresh and make your home look great with this awesome air purifier and the price of this product is around $300

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9) Levoit Core 300 Air Purifier

Levoit Core 300


Your bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time and to ensure your bedroom air is clean and fresh levoit brings the core 300 a true air purifier that offers great value for money

this air purifier comes with a three-stage filtration system that can capture allergens pit hair dander smoke mold odor and large dust particles making your bedroom air perfect for breathing well covering up to 219 square feet

It has two brightness setting modes allowing you to control the light as per your preference and the purifier filters the air with the lowest noise of 25 decibels helping you to have a deep sleep

Per hour it circulates the room air over four times to achieve rapid purification so that you don’t have to worry about the air quality

It comes with a filter replacement indicator that notifies you to change the filter when is needed

So keep your bedroom air clean and fresh with the affordable levoit core 300 air purifier with great reviews and ratings you can get this at around $100

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10) Molekule Air Purifier

Molekule Air Purifier


At number ten we have the molekule air purifier the best of the air purifier category which offers everything and air purifier can offer even though it is pretty expensive

It is worth every bit of your penny it uses advanced Pico Nano technology which can destroy virus’s allergens bacteria and molds providing with fresh and pure air

Its 360 degree air intake design pulls air from all the sides and cleans the area with four stage filtration while covering up to 600 square feet of area with ease

You can connect it with Wi-Fi and control it remotely via your android or iOS devices from your comfort zone on top of that if you want to control it manually you can do that via on-screen display

Constructed with aluminum it has an exotic design that enhances the beauty of your room and the cute leather handle is very useful to move around the purifier

so if you don’t want to compromise the air quality of your home then the molecule air purifier can be a great choice for you and you can get this at around $800

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so that was all about the top 10 best air purifiers for your house comment and share with your friends if you found this Blog helpful and subscribe to newsletter if you want to see more videos like this on your feed

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