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OTG or An Baking Oven Oven Toaster Griller is a popular choice in India for baking. In this blog, how to use an OTG, how to pre-heat, the bake ware you could use, and more!

Most Baking Oven has similar features. Do read your manual for instructions, Please take this Blog as a general guide. With usage, you will figure out what works best for you in your oven.

Let’s take a look at the accessories which come with the Baking Oven. The wire rack is for baking and for toasting. You could keep your baking tray on this wire rack. The non-stick baking tray which comes with your Baking Oven. You could use for baking bread, pizza. The removable crumb tray will keep the floor of the oven clean. Then the rotisserie rod used mostly for cooking meat and this to pull out your baking tray But I suggest prefer to use two thick cotton towels for better grip.

You get separate rotisserie tongs too. Now let’s take a look at the oven Baking Oven have these heating elements at the bottom and at the top. You could turn on one or both of them simultaneously and there is a fan if your oven has convection mode And then a light that lights up the chamber.

There are these grooves that run along the entire wall, so your tray will slide in and out easily. You can place the baking tray or wire rack in one of these grooves, depending on your need and what works best for you.

Baking Oven with less capacity do not come with the fan and the light, have fewer grooves And Baking Oven have these 3 knobs, one for the temperature, one for setting the function, and then one for the timer.

The temperature knob, the maximum temperature in Baking Oven is 250C. And to set the temperature you would have to take a rough estimate and set the knob approximately.

Often the temperature inside the oven and the temperature you set may vary and this can be tricky.
The function knob which will help you set the mode on which you want to bake according to your need and what works best for you. When you turn the knob to the grill function, only the top heating element heats up and when you turn it to convection, both the top and bottom elements heat up with the fanon.

Then we have the toast function with both the top and bottom elements on, but there won’t be a fan And then we have the bake function where the bottom element heats up And then the rotisserie function with the top element heating up and the rotisserie turning constantly.

You could also try baking on convection mode but it can be tricky at times. If you bake with just the bottom element on and you want your bread or cake to look a little darker, you can place your bread on the rack and turn on the top heating element just for a minute or two for a darker color.

Baking simultaneously on two levels may not always work but if your oven is large enough you can try placing 2 tins side by side. Just make sure there is enough space between the 2 tins and the walls of the oven.

I know this sounds confusing but you will need to experiment with your oven and stick to what works best for you.

And then there is this timer knob, you can set it to a maximum of 90 minutes. In case you want the oven on for longer, then you could just turn it on ‘stay-on’ mode, which will help keep your oven on till you turn it off manually and to put the oven on stay-on mode, you will need to turn the knob anti-clockwise.

For bake ware you could use ceramic, oven-safe glassware, aluminum, or even silicon I prefer to use aluminum Be sure the baking tin you are using is not too big for your oven, once you keep it inside the oven there should be enough space around the tin And you should be able to close the door fully.

Even if the door is slightly open, the heat will keep escaping and your cake or cookies may not bake properly.

Whenever we bake anything, we need to make sure the oven is at the temperature specified in the recipe even before the cake or cookie batter goes inside the oven. This is called as pre-heating. So let’s see how to pre-heat a Baking Oven.
Preheating normally takes 10-15 minutes in Baking Ovens. Whenever you bake anything you need to make sure the oven is pre-heated and ready even before the cake or cookie batter is ready. It is better to keep the preheated oven waiting for the batter rather than the other way round Because once the cake or cookie batter is ready it needs to go into the oven immediately. But please follow recipe instructions always.

To preheat the Baking Oven, we need to first keep the rack inside the oven. I am placing it at the second level here. If possible in your oven, please follow instructions for the position of the rack recommended in the recipe and then we set the function, I will be setting it to bake (the bottom element on). The temperature to about 180C which is approximately around here in my oven.
Once you set the function and the temperature knob, you need to turn on the timer, this is very important or your oven will not start preheating. So we will set it to, say, about 30 minutes.

Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS Baking Oven

Bajaj otg

The 16-litre ability of the Baking Oven can appeal to the contemporary Indian nuclear family of two to three men professionally. Made from stainless steel, this Baking oven is a rust-free and long-lasting kitchen appliance.

Bajaj has been a supreme power when it comes to offering electronic appliances. They have excellent customer service as it’s an Indian manufacturer.

They supply products that are engineered with the latest technology, and these products make your job super easy.

Placing and controlling the temperature inside the Bakking oven is simple with the help of control knobs. The timer having an automobile shut-off facility is just one of the highlights of the appliance, as it allows you to execute different chores handily.

The Baking Oven comes with safety features such as a trendy touch door manage to enable comfortable opening and closing of this appliance while in actions. Cleaning the device is simple, as well.

Philips HD6975 Baking Oven

philips baking oven

Philips Baking Oven includes electronic controls for choosing recipes, manners, time, and fever. The one-touch pre-set menu makes it feasible to cook many different Indian recipes easily.

This Baking Oven includes a one-touch pre-heat choice, too.

It’s among the major manufacturers of the world that produces digital products like speakers, trimmer, water heaters, LED bulbs, as well as microwave ovens.

The Philips Baking Oven is the perfect you to prepare the very best bread and cakes. It can help to toast your meals to perfection, thus reducing moisture and offering a high level of crispiness. Grilling meat and poultry are incredibly comfortable using this Baking Oven.

The Baking Oven comes outfitted with soft-turn chrome finish knobs allowing greater managing. The room light makes it effortless to track the food while cooking.

This Philips electronic oven is a mid sized merchandise with adequate features inside. It includes a touch screen panel to function, as well as the 25-liter capability is more than sufficient for a normal family.

Morphy Richards 52 RCSS Baking Oven​

morphy baking oven

The temperature management feature lets you decide on a range of temperature for different foods based on the condition. It includes a 120-minute timer, whereby it could cook continuously with no intervention.

The temperature could be installed to 230 level Celsius and period around 120 minutes.

There are primarily two configurations that bakers would need to often play. However, if you’re seeking to bake items like pizza, biscuits and pies that require crispy exteriors and well-cooked indoors, elect for bake+convection in which a fan circulates air within the Bakingn Oven.

But this manner takes marginally longer duration. It is also possible to bake cakes in two layers by putting one on the cable rack. But many users remark that cooking isn’t uniform in this situation as warmth isn’t properly distributed. But biscuits, sausage and sausage baked such a way have been found to be very OK.

Since the body of the OTG is constructed from stainless steel, you’ll realize the sides in addition to the manage get quite warmed up when you inhale. Because of security concerns and also to avoid any untoward accidents, the cable can be kept short at roughly 75 cm. So, make certain that you’ve got a 16 Amp power point around where you would like to maintain this Bakingn Oven.
A criticism reported by most is the doorways of the Bakingn Oven do not shut properly. Hence, make certain to look at this once you get the goods and return it in case you discover the door faulty.

It’s also acceptable for households with 5-8 members that are fond of baking.

Regardless of whether you’re a professional baker or a newcomer, you may take a couple of trial and errors to properly comprehend the Bakingn Oven’s heating capacities. The guide will also be tremendously beneficial for this.
The consumer reviews for this Morphy Richards OTG is quite favorable, which makes it among the best choices for home bakers.
Morphy Richards Besta OTG includes Smart Bake Technology to provide the best possible outcomes. Your bread, cakes, and pizzas come out absolutely once you bake them with this OTG.

This OTG guarantees even distribution of warmth when grilling to ensure uniform cooking of your veggies and other meals.

Cleaning this OTG is simple due to the removable crumb tray. The motorised rotisserie is ideal for skewing poultry and meat.

Borosil Prima 48 L Baking Oven

Borosil Backing oven

Borosil Prima is another Bakingn Oven that’s absolutely a joy for home bakers and households with 5-8 members.

This product has been among the favorites since it’s bloomed on the marketplace. It functions efficiently and assists you in cooking in a number of various ways.

The temp. could be corrected up to 235 degrees Cels. and period for up to 87 min.

Besides baking, the aerodynamic rotisserie additionally eases snacking of various food products, which makes it a very great alternative for all food lovers.

Lifelong 16L Baking Oven

lifelong baking oven

Its spacious interiors, along with the mostly compact outside make it the perfect choice to your kitchen. This OTG’s front panel includes three separate dials for component, temperature, and timer to provide you the capability to pick the ideal settings for your own dish.

Easy Cleaning: This includes a grill rack and a pair of skew sticks for those succulent kebabs, a baking dish to your cakes and biscuits, a set of tongs for simple use and a crumb tray for stress-free cleaning. You may keep it everywhere in the kitchen for simple access.

Crumb Tray : The item includes cooking and crumb tray, which makes it highly convenient that you wash the dropped crumbs after done with cooking tasty dishes.

Timer: You may require the cooking timer to cook all of your yummy dishes together with precision. Making multitasking simple from the kitchen.

Layout: Lifelong 16L 1200-Watt Oven Toaster Griller includes a streamlined layout even while using ample space for cooking.

American Micronic Baking Oven​

This brand might not be that hot, but it provides products which are only out of this box. The Baking Oven​ is well worth considering if you’re planning to obtain something that helps you on your own kitchen chores.

To start with, though American Micronic goods are offered in the United States, this oven or for that matter almost all of the appliances sold in India are imported from China, exactly like any manufacturers on the marketplace.

Speaking about this Baking Oven​, the most distinguishing characteristic is the fact that it’s 6 heating components. One 400 watt filament towards the top and bottom front along with 2300 Watt filaments towards the top and rear. The bottom and top elements heating could be individually controlled- something that’s not found in different Baking Oven​s within this section.

If it comes to baking, the operation of the oven is rather decent. Because of convection manner, you are able to bake biscuits, pies etc. Perfection also. That having been said, it’s suggested to obtain an oven thermometer as occasionally temperature changes from what you’ve put. Thus, you may take a couple of trial and errors before mastering the proper configurations for optimum outcome.

The accessories supplied include baking tray, cable rack, crumb tray, rotisserie pole and tongs.

A massive positive is the after sales support is very instantaneous and productive.

Discussing the drawbacks, to start with, there’s no light indoors. But while the glass is plain, you receive an adequate view indoors. So newbie’s may find it hard initially until they get a hang of it. Much like Baking Oven​s, the power cord is brief. But this really is for the consumer’s security and cannot truly be regarded as a flaw.

It’s sturdy in character and powerful in design. It has some wonderful features that will make you fall in love with it. So, with no additional ado, bring this distinctive American Micronic Baking Oven Toaster Griller using Rotisserie (Black) and begin cooking like a professional.

Prestige POTG 9 Baking Oven

prestig Baking oven

Prestige is a historical manufacturer that’s been supplying products in India for a lengthy time. The main reason behind the sustainability is due to the amazing products it gives at a really good price.

Prestige baking oven toaster griller allows you to prepare delicacies such as pizzas, tikkas, kebabs, cakes, cakes, snacks, leafy vegetables, plus even more. It’s approx 1400 Watts stronger motor acceptable for rotisserie.

Function: The machine includes detachable pole and two grips which assists in uniform heat out of all 5 heating places.

This Bakingn Oven includes superb efficiency granite counters to allow heat. At exactly the exact same time, they’re durable, too. The full size glass doors permit you to keep an eye on your cooking.

The temp Regulator knob gives you the capacity to set up temp to 2505C, thus ensuring comfy cooking of a number of recipes. The highlight of the Bakingn Oven is its own cool handle which stays cool no matter the temp within the Bakingn Oven.

Bajaj 2200 Baking Oven

bajaj backing oven

The user friendly controls permit you to prepare tasty foods without breaking a sweat. The plan of this Baking Oven adds elegance to a kitchen, too.

The Baking Oven includes a mechanical run dial. Employing the center jog dial, you can off and on the top and bottom heating component or place them both on at precisely the exact same moment. It’s pretty much like the prior choice from Bajaj.

The heater element selector makes it possible to choose the proper heating element based upon the recipe and style of cooking. This Baking Oven includes a variety of accessories like rotisserie collection, skewer sticks, crumb and baking trays, along with a set of tongs.

The body consists of stainless steel end. When this looks complicated, the body becomes warmed up fairly fast.

Discussing the functionality, baking biscuits and cakes is rather straightforward. Though there’s absolutely no fan indoors, food becomes cooked provided you change on either the heating components. That having been said, you’ll need to take care the first couple of times and fix the timer and temperature in order to have a hang of how to utilize the oven properly.

In general, given the aggressive pricing and quite good functionality, it’s fairly a suitable alternative for home designers looking for a little Baking Oven.

The motorized rotisserie is ideal for preparing your own grill.

It’s a secure appliance to get in the kitchen since it doesn’t use open fire like your gas cooking stove.

AGARO Marvel Baking Oven

Agaro baking oven

Open your kitchen into a completely new world of simple and effective cooking. Whether you’re baking tasty cakes, hamburgers, soft breads, or leafy veggies & beef, the 5 STAGE Heating operations provides you a plethora of options to pick from. The motorized rotisserie will help you skewer and grill veggies and chicken, making an instant party strike. The cool touch handles guarantees your security in any way times.

5 Phase Heating: The AGARO Baking Oven includes a 5-stage heating that’s suited to all of your baking, toasting and grilling needs. Best Heat I Heating I Top & Bottom Heat I Rotisserie with Bottom Heat I Rotisserie with Top & Bottom Heat. The choices are clearly displayed on the Function Knob letting you decide on the feeling of your choice.

Motorized rotisserie: Love the taste of a tasty fire roasted noodle in the comfort of the kitchen. The motorized rotisserie provides you the choice of “spit leaves” poultry or vegetables. All you have to do in order to receive a tasty veggie or chicken kebab skewer would be to string the veggies or meat onto the rotisserie rod and set it at the Baking Oven.

Controls: Based upon the recipe you need, you can pick the desired temperature in 100-250 C via the temp control knob. The Timer enables you to set the desired period of cooking. Turn on the device, set the timer and then that is it. The apparatus will cook the dish in accordance with the chosen settings, and once completed, the alarm clock will ring and the device will shut off automatically.

Inalsa MasterChef baking Oven

inalsa baking oven

Making something to consume does not need to be hard. In reality, with the ideal appliance it is rather straightforward. Enjoy lightly browned and sweet bread or prepare chicken nuggets for the kids in minutes. This compact table top oven toaster griller allows you to toast red brown bread pieces or cook pizzas using a tender, crispy crust in significantly less time. The major window and 60 second timer with stay-on performance permit you to cook just to your own specifications.

The huge glass door allows you to keep your eye on your food through cooking. Substantial capacity can adapt casserole dishes and match an whole 9″ pizza. You are able to earn various meals by simply switching 4 cooking manners and by rotating a knob to set the desired temperature in 100-250° C range. It can help to keep your kitchen more comfortable and save energy. This trusty machine that takes care of all of your cooking tasks.

Power Efficient: Having an 1300-Watt energy, making your cooking quicker and more effective. Make it cakes, cakes, bread pieces; make your meals prepared in minutes. Nowadays you do not have to wait long for your yummy delicacies as Master-Chef deals with it.

Accessories: The enameled baking slipping grill tray guarantees long lasting great looks, easy maintenance and better baking performance in regular usage. The steel cable rack gets the OTG ideal for various grilling demands. All accessories are all rust free for simple cleaning & maintenance.

4 Stage Heat Mode: Baking, grilling, toasting and rotisserie, using its four-stage heating feature, Master Chef OTG is designed to perform these functions effectively. This function provides you access to four diverse heating combinations to select from, depending on the need of this dish that you need to bake or toast.

Master Chef 16L is meant for use by families.


Buying Guide

Size of the Oven: Depending on the amount of people for whom you need to cook or bake ought to be the variable to ascertain the size of this oven. If you purchase a larger oven, it might be a waste of energy in addition to money. Thus, it’s far better to determine the right size of this oven.

Cable Length: Among the substantial issues we face after purchasing any appliance is its own duration of this cable. If the machine is put somewhere away in the switchboard, it will become hard for you to link this, and you rely on other resources like the extension plank. If you get the merchandise with longer cord, it would be simple for you to combine it.

Double Ovens: It could be bliss if you’d have the ability to cook your dessert and main course in precisely the exact same moment. It would help save you time in addition to electricity. A number of the most recent ranges on the marketplace have produced an assortment of being the double oven. Each oven includes its temperature controller and timer.

Shortcut Keys: a number of the various modes that ovens supply make it effortless for you to cook meals. Among those brief cut keys would be your automobile cook button. Just press and begin cooking.

Glass Cabinets: It would be simpler for you to establish if you examine the foods being cooked. But if you continue opening the doorway to assess whether it’s satisfactorily whether or not would influence the ingestion of meals and finally, it comes out or burnt. Glass doors enable you to examine the food being cooked without even opening it.

Ability: Before placing your hands in an oven, you have to analyze your own requirements. In case you’ve got a household of two, then a oven with a capacity of about 15 liters is acceptable for you.

Cost and manufacturer: Finest ovens equipped with all newest features come at a cost selection of 10,000-20, 000. There’s absolutely no need to purchase a significantly priced microwave oven simply because people say a costly one is obviously better. Pay attention to the finest microwave ovens in line with the cost range. Go for a brand that’s reliable, so that in the event that you face any problems in the item, you may easily reach out into the client support and ask for support.

Guarantee: try to find a microwave oven which includes a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Rotisserie: In case you’re someone who enjoys making tandoor and grilled meals in your home, then purchasing an oven which has a motorized rotisserie is crucial. Rotisserie feature permits you to cook fried and tandoor meals in a few minutes.

Vehicle thermostat: Thermostat will help in keeping a steady temperature of the oven that helps to ensure your food doesn’t become overcooked. Whenever your oven becomes uncontrollable, the thermostat instantly cuts the ability to protect against any unfavorable problems. With timers, you may put the cooking period, and this could stop the burning off of your meals. This ensures that the protection of your children.

Keep Warm: This attribute helps to ensure your food stays warm for quite a while so you don’t need to reheat the meals over and over. This attribute absorbs less energy also keeps your meals in a constant temperature.

Roasting: If you prefer roasted meals, then start looking for an oven which can roast your meals with the minimal utilization of petroleum.

Chamber mild: The room light lets clear visibility of your meals when it’s becoming cooked so you can quickly assess your meals. Chamber lighting also permits the visibility of these insides so you can easily wash it.

Convection lovers: They assist in distributing hot air within the room, which suggests uniform baking and lots of meals.

Wattage: Should you would like to frequently utilize the OTG, then opt for the wattage of 1200 Watts or higher. If you don’t use the oven, you can purchase one with lesser wattage.

Preheat: it’s essential to search for an oven which has a preheat feature so it becomes heated, and then once you put your food in the oven, it has cooked at the ideal temperature.

Useful accessories: it’s extremely important to start looking for an oven which has a removable crumb tray so you can easily remove and wash all of the crumbs. Wire racks also include many ovens that assist you in creating kebabs and other tasty dishes.

Difference Between Microwave & Baking Oven (OTG)

A Baking oven (OTG) has heating sticks on the bottom and ceiling of the oven that cook the meals in a variety of manners – heat from the underside, heat from the surface or both.

Microwave oven, on the other hand, sends microwave out and arouses the molecules within the food components to maneuver around & get warmed up fairly fast in the procedure.

The outcome is that food place in a Baking oven becomes cooked slowly whereas at the Microwave it becomes heated fast.

Well, though you are able to melt cheese in a microwave, then you can not actually make a pizza in it. For that you’ll undoubtedly require those heating sticks.

The previous one is really a hybrid of the two. It’s also the most often found oven in Croma/Reliance Digital/Vijay Revenue and even online.

And it’s thought to be a multipurpose device that could do both, but it actually can not since it uses the exact same technology in the Convection manner. The only distinction is that they have inserted a fan within this. The hot air inside has rotated and provides some colour to the meals. However, the technology stays the same. There’s absolutely no true gap between the Microwave & Microwave Convection oven aside from the purchase price.

And I feel all that jargon is merely thrown around not to let’s purchase the true item we need – An OTG oven to bake cakes.

Bottom line is if you merely wish to heating up things , purchase a Microwave. Should you wish to bake/cook – such as baking or making a pizza, garlic etc, make a Baking oven. Do not purchase a hybridvehicle.
So remember I told you that the Baking oven includes two heating sticks – one at the bottom and other on the very top, so that is a easy oven, too technically called a Traditional oven. The sticks become warmed up by heat and electricity the atmosphere around it, the warm air rises towards the surface and the entire cycle persists.

This, however, creates the issue of heat stains – that the heat is too much in certain areas of the oven and also less in others and based on how big your oven, your meals too could be too near or far away in the heating pole creating an irregular cooking surroundings .

To fight this – at a more complex oven (aka the Convectional Oven), there’s an added fan together with the sticks. The fan moves the hot air inside the oven, thus developing a uniform warmed surroundings to bake or cook or roast.

Professional tip – Purchase an OTG oven using a buff – it’s multiple modes of operation – without & with the enthusiast. This would guarantee all of the baking/cooking needs are cared for.

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