10 Basic yet Useful Ice Fishing Tips


Fishing has always been a popular leisure activity among people who want to escape from stress and boredom of life. Depending on seasonal conditions, you have to adopt a particular fishing technique.

For capturing fish during cold winter months, Ice Fishing technique is whole-heartedly followed in different parts of the world.
This technique usually involves catching the fish from frozen ice hole of a lake, pond or river. It requires a lot of preparation and proper equipment sets to catch a fish from the frozen hole during chilly months of December and January. But you can catch large quantities of fish once you thoroughly understand the basics of some useful Ice Fishing Tips mentioned below:

1. Focusing on the depth of frozen holes:

During winter months, fish normally settles at a considerable depth below the =surface so as to keep themselves in warm condition and to continue normal biological activities for survival. Depending on the fish species that you want to capture, you need to perform advance research to obtain an exact depth of the location with diverse species of a fish in the frozen water bodies.

2. Covering the dug up hole:

Once you have dug out a hole on the frozen surface, then save some ice chunks to cover it after you have finished fishing. It is normally done to prevent the penetration of light into the clear water because that can alert the fish to avoid this specific spot of yours. This rule applies equally for stained and clear water lakes.

3. Use of Bobber to adjust the hook depth:

Every fish normally exhibits a lower level of aggression and energy during winter seasons. As a result, they will not come quickly towards your artificial or natural baits like they often do during summer periods. In such a situation you have to use slip bobbers to set the hook of your fishing rope at a sufficient depth and bring the bait within the close reach of the fish. This will allow you to capture a fish much easily as you do not have to wait long for their arrival towards your boat.

4. Bringing the right sets of equipment:

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The gears and equipment sets of ice fishing have undergone considerable up-gradation for past 20 years to meet the requirements and expectations of fishing enthusiasts. The notable among them include fishing rods along with the reel, rod holders, fingernail clipper, disposable camera, Lake Map, bucket and others. These equipment ensure that you can clearly locate and capture a fish from the deep frozen water body.

5. Changing the colors and sizes of jigs:

It is better not to use similar jigs for daily fishing activities. Use of the same pattern of jigs can make the fish alert so as to avoid your lure. Therefore it is better to use different jig patterns everyday for drawing the attention of the fish towards your artificial or natural baits. Jigs of different shapes and colors will make it hard for the fish to spot the difference which will ultimately draw them to your fishing hooks.

6. Remain calm and steady:

As fish becomes lazy and slow to preserve energy during winter months, you must avoid moving your jig or bait very fast. Doing so can discourage the fish to go after your lures even if it attracts them a lot. Therefore you must wait patiently and set the motion of your cast jig at a slow pace. This will ultimately help you in bringing the fish towards the immersed lures so as to capture them in large quantities.

7. Drill hole to a sufficient depth:

Once you have selected a specific fishing spot, it is time to drill the solid ice layer and create a hole. Make sure that the drilled hole covers sufficient surface area above the icy ground and always try to penetrate as much deeper as you can until and unless trace of clear natural water is visible. You can use augur blades to easily grind the solid ice layer at ease. It is important to create a hole that covers medium circumference because that will offer you decent space to explore the underwater fish settlements quite easily before casting the fishing hook.

8. Bring twist in the movement of the fish line:

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Many anglers often tend to move their baits or jigs in an up and down manner. This pattern of presenting lures before the fish has become so familiar that they seldom respond to such form of presentation. In order to tap the attention in a new way, you must try grabbing the fish rope line in-between your thumb and index finger. Then use your fingers to twist this rope line so as to spin the jig while casting it at the similar depth.

9. Follow your instinct while casting the lures:

While fishing inside frozen the hole, you must not lose your focus or concentration after immersing the bait attached with the fishing rope. Because that will help you to feel the extra bit of weight that normally happens when the fish tries to devour the bait once pouncing over it. Sometimes due to lack of concentration people often fail to feel this extra bit of weight, as a result, they have to return empty handed. In order to notice this extra bit of weight, you must use comparatively light weight lure and should not drown the rope line suspension to a great depth.

10. Employ plastic baits to lure your fish:

You can now purchase a variety of top-grade plastic baits to lure the fish towards your hook. It will not only reduce overall maintenance cost that you often have to bear for natural baits but also offers you to plenty of options to determine your luring pattern depending on the species and food habits of the fish.


These are some of the essential ice fishing tips that are observed by fishermen all over the world. For bringing uniqueness in fishing approach, you can refer to other tutorial platforms to upgrade your knowledge base. Bring some of your family members to share this unique joy of fishing with you.


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