9 Really Important Fly Fishing Tips


Fishing is a popular leisure activity that is popular among people of all ages. There are a number of fishing techniques which is totally dependent on the kind of water body one intends to fish at.

The most notable among them is Fly fishing Tips. This technique is mainly focused on using flies for catching fishes from salt and freshwater bodies.
This technique is mainly used for capturing salmon, trout, and grayling. It is also used for catching other game fish like panfish and bass. It also involves a lot of patience and skills. Beginners can utilize some of the well-documented Fly Fishing Tips that are mentioned below:

1. Choosing the appropriate flies:

As this technique mainly revolves around the use of flies as bait, you need to make the right choice to catch a fish of your choice. There are thousand different patterns of flies that are available for tempting the fish towards your boat. Keeping into consideration the species, sizes and water bodies of fishes, you can opt for any of the ones mentioned below:


These normally represent the form of subsurface flies to create an illusion of insects evolving from larva stage. As most of the fishes normally prefer to devour nymphs, it is a good idea to attach nymphs at the pointed end of the fishing rod.


These are normally used for capturing large sized fish and they imitate the forms of insects such as leeches and other smaller fish to attract the target. So if you are planning to catch a large sized fish, then attach these baits into your fishing rod.

Dry flies:

These normally represent a mature state of the lifecycle of an insect and are usually found floating above the water surface. These patterns of flies are normally used to imitate insects in different sizes and shades. They can be used for capturing any type of fish.

2. Use of Polarized Glasses:

You must invest money on buying some good quality polarized glasses. These glasses will help in preventing reflection of the sunlight towards your eyes from water and thereby help you to see the fish properly without any disruption. With the help of such eyewear, you can easily spot the potential pockets to capture your favorite fish.

3. Observing the behavior of fish:

After spotting a fish in the water, never act in haste by casting the fishing hook immediately from the water surface. It is wise to first thoroughly observe the behavior of the fish so as to determine its attack habits and movement patterns. Based on these inputs you need to drop the appropriate kind of fly as the bait to lure the fish into your trap. While in the saltwater, it is essential to absorb the fish behavior so as to ascertain its speed while charging the fly.

4. Having the right kinds of equipment:

There are various types of fly fishing equipment that are available in the market. Depending on the condition and fish type, you have to use the appropriate device to make your fishing expedition successful. The most notable equipment for this fishing technique are reels, rods, vests, waders, line and much more.

5. Removing the barbs while fishing:

Experienced fishermen always remove or reduce the size of the barb on the hooks. By doing this, they can easily remove the hook from the mouth of a fish after capturing. Crushing the pointed end will also help you to remove the hook easily from any part of your body during any accident.

6. Needs to be cautious during drifting:

People often drift their fishing rope at a distance of about 6-8 feet away or farther due to lack of experience. As a result, they have to encounter the problems of line management. To avoid this, it is better to cast your fishing rope at a shorter distance till becoming experienced with line management.

7. Use of suitable rod for tackling:

You need to select a reliable rod that can play a vital role in tackling the fish. Selection of good quality rod shall provide you a firm control over the entire procedure of casting fly luring. The length of such rod must be within 2.3 to 3 m when it comes to fly fishing tips or technique. You also need to make sure that such rods do not exert much pressure on your hand muscle during frequent casting. Depending on the fish size, you have to select the ideal rod of your needs.

8. Utilizing the technique of blank casting:

For reaping success in the Fly Fishing tips or technique, you have to acquire the skill of blank casting. It normally involves rhythmic strokes of your fishing rod in forth and back position while spinning the fishing cord high in the air. During that time you can modify the cord length or can choose the stroke direction by placing the fly on the hook. For efficient blank casting, fishermen must also have to acquire the tactic of loop controlling during the time of stroking.

9. Following the suitable method of striking and playing:

For completely nabbing the fish within your grip, you have to raise the fishing rod slightly in an upward position for striking. For that, you need to cast your bait close to the boat so as to notice the movement of the fish. Casting at a faraway distance can make it quite hard to feel the bite of the fish on your fly bait before striking. The last stage involves playing where you have to instantly lift up the fishing rope when the fish is busy and tired eating your fly bait.


These are some of the basic Fly Fishing Tips that can help beginners to enjoy fishing to a great extent. Due to lack of proper knowledge of fishing technique people often become bored and leave the spot. But on following some of the basic fishing tips, they can actually make the task of catching fish quite thrilling and exciting to great extent.


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