9 Handy Crappie Fishing Tips That is Essential for Every Angler

9 Handy Crappie Fishing Tips That is Essential for Every Angler

Crappies belong to the family of Sunfish and are usually found in freshwater lakes and river bodies of USA. Native to North America, there are two types of crappies, namely white crappie and black crappy. Found in the freshwaters, crappies are among the favorite catches for several anglers.

They are mostly spotted in water that is acidic and highly vegetated. These fish prefer to feed on cladocera, Cyclops, daphnia and other microscopic organisms when they are juveniles. At later stages of their lives, they feed on fish fingerlings of other fishes, insects and aquatic minnows. Those who are interested in catching this fish need to thoroughly follow the important guidelines including the ones mentioned below. These Crappie Fishing Tips are the basics that need to be known to every aspirant looking to indulge in such a fishing technique.

1. Selection of right fishing spot:

Although this fish can be found in all types of water bodies, they normally stay close to those areas where they can obtain plenty of food and adequate space for shelter in order to survive and sustain harsh seasons. They normally prefer to be in the shallow portion of lakes and in large ponds that are infested with small aquatic organisms and plants along with mud or sand on the surface bed. They usually come out during dusk for feeding and during the daytime, they live inside their hideouts. If you want to brighten the prospect of catching one of these creatures, then you must first explore possible locations.

2. Using the ideal fishing knot:

For catching crappies with the help of jig, you need to use the knot loop which is quite ideal for the task. It will enable your jig to move freely when casting in the water to hit at the suitable body part of these fishes.

3. Find the right depth:

crappie fishing lures, crappie recipes, crappie ice fishing,Crappies are usually found in water where the depth is over 3 to 6 feet. But if its summer season, they usually move to deeper areas and are spotted on the surface during dusk and dawn. During fishing, if you are unable to catch a crappie in a single place, it is advised to move towards deeper areas and increase the chances of catching one yourself.

4. Placing the right baits and lures

 Crappies normally survive on worms, minnows and other aquatic insects. So naturally, you can use these as baits or lures to capture them without any difficulty. There are plenty of artificial fish lures available in the market which can help you in attracting the attention of the crappies towards the sharp pointed hook. Many fishermen are using artificial lures to reduce the cost of maintaining live baits like worms, snails and other organisms. Live bait is easily available in stores and can be a preferred option if you want to increase the chances of catching a crappie yourself. The only thing which needs consideration is the fact that you need to put in efforts to keep the insects alive, fed and healthy. The three most common jigs that are used to catch a crappie includes Marabou jigs, curly tail jigs, and rooster tail jigs. While the Marabou jigs are made of hair or bristle which is available in a number of color and design, the curly tail jigs and the rooster tail jigs are made up of soft plastic and rotating blade or spoon respectively.

5. Keeping the fish-line tight

These fish usually come with a soft lip which is why they at times easily escape the grip of the pointed edge of your hook. In order to thwart such possibilities, you must ensure that the fish-line remains tight so as to prevent the hook to be slipped out of the mouth of Crappies. Make sure to test the tightness of your fish line in advance through trials before the actual task of fishing begins.

6. Seeking the help of topographical map

: While fishing the most important factor that needs to be considered is depth. In order to gain a proper idea of the depth of the river that you are exploring for fishing, a topographical map can be an ideal tool. Using this map, you can locate sunken structures like fish beds much easily where Crappies flock frequently.

7. Utilizing the proper tackling technique

crappie ice fishing, crappie fishing rig, black crappie habitatCrappies need to be tackled with great care and attention. If you do not want to spoil your outing, then use the suitable technique of casting and vertical jigging. These techniques will prevent Crappies to shake your hooks violently while devouring the baits.

8. Be calm and patience

There is no reason to be impatient as these fishes will automatically come towards your boat once they smell of the tasty baits or lures attached with your hook. But if you try to shift from your fixed position, then it can alert them to cross your way. You must also avoid from retrieving the cast instantly. First allow the Crappies to be perfectly get attached with the hook and then try to roll it back.

9. Night Fishing Tips

Rest assured that fishing at night is one of the most exciting propositions. Besides being a great event, night fishing can be the most productive outing for you. However, there are important considerations when you are trying to catch a crappie during the night hours. A few precautions like being ahead on time on your boat along with proper safety equipment can be just great to keep every possibility of a spoiled fishing session away. Being cold-blooded creatures, crappies constantly try to regulate their body temperatures. To do so they move upwards towards the surface of the water which is the time when the temperatures cool down.


Crappies are found in abundance and can be fished all-round the year. By following these Crappie fishing tips you are assured to have the basic idea and information that is essential for a good catch. It needs a proper selection of tackles along with the location that can highly contribute towards having a very productive fishing outing with your friends and family.


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