7 Muskie Fishing Tips that can be Pretty Handy for Every angler

7 Muskie Fishing Tips

Muskellunge is a freshwater fish species that is popularly known as Muskie and native to the North Americas. The Muskie is the biggest amongst all fish species belonging to the Pike family with a lengthened body and flattened, slender mouth having very sharp teeth.

This fish breed can be difficult to catch given their predisposition to headshaking and going for acrobatic leap ups from the water to get rid of the hook.Bear in mind that there is just an element of truth in myths surrounding Muskie fishing like this fish variety abounds during the fall, it prefers big baits, and that it can be hooked by dragging the fishing line behind a boat. And familiarize with the following Muskie fishing tips if you want to increase your odds of baiting this elusive fish.

1. Know where to find them:

Muskie, as it was mentioned in the opening paragraph is a freshwater fish that likes to swim around in shallow water that is clear, is characterized by rocky outcrops, gravelled beds, and is teeming with marine life. It feeds on smaller fish species and shows a preference for mice snakes, frogs, ducklings, crayfishes, frogs, and muskrats. They prefer to spawn in shallow waters where the maximum depth doesn’t generally exceed 6 feet and the temperatures hover around 50-60˚. They’ve a typically brown color with a spotted or barred body somewhat similar to red fins or grass pickerels.

2. Study their seasonal movements:

Studying their seasonal movements is another useful Muskie fishing tip that you can acquaint yourself with. They’re a very gregarious fish species that likes to move around in schools in waters that are clear and transparent as well as warm. They abound in the Great Lakes (Lake Superior, Lake Ontario, and Lake Erie), St Lawrence River, and Tennessee River. Spawning activity attains a peak usually in the late spring when they go for smaller baits in copious quantities because of their higher metabolism. During the late fall or winter when their metabolic activity slows down, they stock up on food by preying on larger games. Read books and research on the net for familiarizing yourself with their habits, habitats, seasonal movements, and preying patterns.

3. Team Up:

muskie fishing tips in summer, muskie fishing tips live bait, muskie fishing tips beginners, muskie fishing strategy,It does not need to be emphasized that you pick up a lot more tips by angling with other fishers than by going it alone. Every time you go out fishing, you can bet that there’ll always be anglers out there who’ve become seasoned in baiting muskies. So, angling in the company of such fishermen will go a long way in enabling you to become a pro sooner or later.

4. Focus on working your baits:

Obtaining baits these days have become so convenient owing to their abundance-different types are readily available. However, the trick lies in mastering the use of these baits so as to lure your game or prey instead of simply throwing the fishing one into the water. Each type of bait has its own distinct way of moving and behaving in the water. So, you stand a good chance of baiting the right target if you learn how to make the most of the bait. Don’t try to make it all in a day’s work as there are so many types of baits that can be mastered.
Consider learning to use one type at a time and test out the skills learnt each season to hone them. If you’re using a jerk bait (and there are different kinds of jerk baits to start with), then devote one season to learning it and trying the tricks before moving onto the next. Once you’ve mastered one type, you’ll find it easier to master the others. For the record, there are jerk baits, crank baits, spinner baits, bucktails, and topwater to name a few.

5. Use barbless hooks:

Muskies are notorious for jerking free of barbed or pointed hooks by leaping and/or turning through the air or jerking their heads that have baffled anglers for decades. Surprisingly enough, using a hook without a pointed edge will be easier on the Muskie as she’ll not get desperate to wriggle out of it. Additionally, you’ll find it more convenient to take out the hook from the fish’s mouth without hurting it inordinately.

6. Pinpoint on the right spot:

tiger muskie fishing tips, muskie fishing tips in summer, muskie fishing tips live bait,Muskies are big hunters and usually predominate as predators in the freshwater system they happen to maraud. So, when you discover a Muskie swimming around in patterns and advancing be in hot pursuit, as the fish is likely to lead you to the area where the school is teeming or swarming with the species. What is it about the spot that makes it so appealing to a Muskie? More often than not this spot will either be a weedy reef rich in coral life usually in the shallow areas. In deeper regions, the spots are likely to be bulges or swellings characterized by weedy outgrowths. Study these spots in detail and make notes in a journal or you’ll be user to use a GPS device. You can come back to these sites on an on-and-off basis as y

7.Use tricks that are appropriate for the season:

A Muskie’s behavior changes in accordance with the season. In summer, it is most likely to seek for cooler spots in rocky piles or weedy covers. When the fish is hungry, it goes after a prey mostly on its own or solitarily. If the fish is ravenous, it might pounce on the bait either from underneath or from the sides after surfacing to the top. It is the ones that keep on following a bait which is difficult to trap. Maintain a speed of 6-8 mph in summer and use unnaturally bright-colored baits. They have a tendency to hunt in packs during the fall but your fishing tactics remain almost identical to the ones you used in summer both for casting and trolling. Trolling speed should not exceed 6 miles in fall and use natural colored baits.


If you want to maximize your chances of hooking a Muskie, go to Northwestern Ontario. However, fishing techniques in this region of Ontario are different from the ones practiced south of the province.


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