8 Essential River Fishing Tips for Every Angler

8 Essential River Fishing Tips for Every Angler

Fishing as an activity has always been considered as a great leisure activity. River Fishing is one of the popular kinds of fishing forms that is popular globally.

It helps them to relax their mind from all troubles and helps them to focus on the target fish species. Those who want to capture a fish from river must abide by the basic river fishing techniques to gain success.
This technique exclusively focuses on catching fish from the shores and other corners of the river with the right sets of gears and equipment. Depending on the outdoor conditions and other environmental factors, this technique can be tweaked a bit so as to ensure convenient fishing experience. Beginners who want to capture fish from rivers can refer to these river fishing tips mentioned below:

1.Obtaining a right pair of sunglasses:

No matter, which river you select for your fishing expedition, it is essential to obtain crystal clear view of fish inside the river body. For that, you need to buy specially designed fishing sunglasses that will help you to easily trace the movement and settlement of fish under the water. Wearing such a glass pair will prevent wastage of time to search and help you to easily place live or artificial baits at a designated direction to draw the attraction of fishes towards your boat. These glasses will also prevent you from casting baits on wrong objects by mistake.

2.Focus on backwaters of the river:

Some of the well-known game fish species that live inside river water do not prefer heavy currents. They usually tend to settle in river zones having feeble current. Game fish like Bass always prefer to settle in backwater creeks with the low current flow. Therefore, you must first visit such low current spot of the river to find the traces of your target fish. Most of the time it has been found that after a series of futile searches, fish settlements have been discovered in the areas of lower current flow of the river.

3.Bouncing your live bait in the bottom:

When you are out to catch a fish from the river, always use natural baits to draw fish that are hidden under unexplored corners of the water. Always try to bounce these items close to the bottom where fish normally settles to enjoy cool temperatures. You can take the help of a variety of fishing rigs to penetrate the baits deep inside the water in a natural manner. You must try to cast your live bait with the flowing direction of river current without deviating from it a bit. This will minimize your effort in tapping the focus of fishes towards your lure.

4.Place fishing boat close to the island shore:

It is a common practice among experienced fishermen to conduct a thorough survey of the submerged islands of the river where fish normally come for feeding purposes and to take shelter during the flow of strong current in the water body. So you must try to locate the existence of submerged nearby island along the river shore because there you may have the bright scope to hunt the fish of your choice. Never take your boat too close towards a submerged island as that can alert the fish easily.

5.Spotting the region infested with weeds:

The growth of weeds normally takes place in calm areas of the river where fish comes to take shelter and feed depending on the seasonal and weather conditions. These weeds often serve as a bridge between the underwater region and the outer surface. While floating the boat in a nearby river of your area, just keep your eyes open so as to spot the presence of weeds. This will not only increase the chances of catching a fish but also can be a great treat if you are fishing with your friends or family.

6.Bringing the suitable fishing equipment:

Like other fishing techniques, river fishing also involves the use of right kind of equipment to capture fish from river water with fast or slow current flowing. This includes hooks having a wide gap, line cutter, and others. Depending on the fish size and other factors you need to use the appropriate fishing capturing gears. It is better to bring a flexible fishing rod that can easily disperse the extra weight of the fish from the baits. Moreover, it is better to know beforehand the ways to use the tackles you have purchased.

7.Tracking the specific feeding areas of a river:

Depending on weather conditions and other circumstances fish frequently explore new river zones that are suitable for their sustenance and from where they can obtain food items like leeches and other aquatic micro-organisms. Your first task will always be to track such new feeding areas of fish so as to reduce your effort on futile searches. Places where you will find large gatherings of fishes are normally considered to be the feeding spot.

8.Consulting the local fishermen:

If you are not accustomed to capturing fish from the river, then it is better to seek the advice from experienced angler from your locality. They will help you to understand the basic rules to tap the attention of a fish. From them, you can acquire the knowledge of using appropriate gears and equipment while playing with the fish. Advance preparation will not only save your time but also prevent you from getting bored and frustrated due to the absence of fish near your boat.


These are some of the basic River Fishing Tips that are widely popular among the anglers across the planet. You can also look for other methods so as to bring innovation in catching fish from rivers. Fishing also fosters a spirit of unity and team building to capture fishes in a joint expedition. It can increase the self-confidence of people towards their individual abilities and help them to tackle or handle any situation in life quite easily. It tests their skills while running after fishes.


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