RovR Products Cocktail caddy
IceR Combo

An organized camper is a happy camper. The RovR Products KeepR has a durable, pail-like design and movable inserts to customize it for every adventure, while the IceR keeps everything at temperature.

 RovR Products Cocktail caddy


It’s the modern-day version of a picnic basket; it also makes a great cocktail caddy or mobile bar

IceR is designed to be nested inside the KeepR to provide long-term, fresh ice retention

KeepR has a flexible yet rigid structure to secure items tightly; it can hold 4 large spirit bottles, 3 small bottles, cups, utensils, condiments and small fruit or food items

Constructed with leakproof thermoplastic urethane (TPU) and high-density foam to keep items cool and dry

Molded base grips to surfaces

The IceR holds 3 lbs. of ice using double-wall stainless-steel insulation with watertight, sealed lid



The RovRKeepR mixed drink caddy is a cooler-like extra for the individuals who are searching for an approach to convey their drink fundamentals with them when out of the house or essentially heading into their open air engaging space.The unit includes enough space to handily stow a few containers of liquor alongside a pail of ice on account of a committed segment in the inside. Mixologists can likewise keep little trimmings and other barware inside the unit to make it as simple as conceivable to convey.

The RovR KeepR mixed drink caddy has a spread free structure to permit much taller containers of wine or spirits to be conveyed and is created with a blend of excellent materials to improve its general strength.

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