7 Pretty Easy yet Effective Surf Fishing Tips

7 Pretty Easy yet Effective Surf Fishing Tips

People take up fishing not only as a source of livelihood but also as an alternative form of outdoor entertainment. However, without following basic guidelines, you will not be able to taste success in this joyous outdoor activity.

People who want to catch a fish by just surfing the fish rod while standing on the shore must need to acquire the basic tricks of Surf Fishing.

This technique is quite popular among people who do not want to explore water surface of sea and river using boats, trawlers and other means of navigation. They just prefer to catch fish by standing over static land platforms like jetties, piers, docks, and wharfs. Beginners will be much benefitted by reading these well-documented Surf Fishing Tips mentioned below:

1. Properly explore areas inhabited by fishes:

For tasting success in surf fishing, you have to conduct a thorough survey of water areas that are used by fish. Always utilize the low tide condition for such pre-planned survey so that you can easily spot the presence and existence of fish in regions having hollows, drowned structures, sandbanks, and dips. A thorough exploration will help you in obtaining basic ideas about where the fish usually hides or feeds during the occurrence of high tide. Fishing in unknown areas and seeking the help of the local people to find out the specific fishing spots in advance to plan your strategy can really be helpful.

2. Utilize ideal rig for surf fishing:

To enjoy the fun and excitement of surf fishing, always use the most stable and flexible fishing rigs to catch your fish by suspending the attached bait in a natural manner. The most notable among them is Fish Finder Rig which allows you to fix your live bait firmly within the rope line so that fish flowing with the tide can easily grasp it. The main advantage of this rig is that it will never loosen the grip of the lure during high tides. The other popular rig that you can look for is the Drop Rig. Depending on the fish species that you are running after, you can take the help of any of them to have a spending surf fishing experience.


3. Use appropriate natural baits:


Avoid using artificial baits because that will fail to create any impact on your targeted fish. The ideal option is to attach natural or live baits with the fishing hooks depending on the size and species of your target fish. You can utilize some of the popular living baits like soft/hard shell crab, mullet, shrimp, bloodworms, ragworms, sandworms, squid, mole crabs etc. You can also seek suggestions from local shop owners to obtain the suitable natural baits for those areas you are planning to fish. If you use inappropriate baits then your effort will go in vain.

4. Take proper advantage of high tide situation:

Fish often migrates to safer water zone during the period of high tide and so you must take maximum advantage of this situation to easily strike the fishing hook inside the mouth of your target. During high tide, large fish also comes out to devour small fish and other micro-organisms which will further maximize your joy of having a great success while fishing. But high tide normally occurs during dusk or dawn so you need to be careful while casting your bait in the water.

5. Avoid using makeshift holder rods:

Make sure that the rod holder you are using for surf fishing is specially designed for such task. Rod holders that are being used on a makeshift basis always fail to keep pace with the turbulent flow of high surfing wave which ultimately leads to the total loosening of the fishing rod placed over it. Specially designed rod holder can keep the position of your fishing rod straight and tall with a solid support to the base. Such well-built holder will never allow your fishing rod to tumble from the fixed position even during the grabbing of live baits by large mouthed fishes.

6. Use of quality tackling gears:

During your surf fishing campaign it is essential to use the right kind of equipment to obtain an unforgettable fishing experience in life. The most important among them is the use of specially designed fishing rod whose length must range from 7 feet to 18 feet depending on the overall casting distance. The other recommended device lists include spinning saltwater wheel, spike sand rod holder and others. It is better to consult an experienced angler so that you are able to spot the right surf fishing gears as per your requirements.

7. Ensure your full-proof safety before fishing:

surf fishing pro

Surf fishing always involves a lot of danger and uncertainty due to nature of the tide, waves and water currents. You must inform someone before going out for surf fishing. While casting the fishing rope with attached hook just ensure that there is no one close to the direction of fishing rope because the hooks might injure others. At the same time, you must apply special skincare lotion on your body so as to protect yourself from burning sun.


These are some of the common surf fishing tips needs to be followed by both the beginners and experts around the world. To bring uniqueness and innovation into this technique you can definitely consult an experienced angler or go out on a few sessions with them. Surf fishing is gaining good response from fishing experts as it involves a lot of planning and calculation to cast baits at the different locations from the shores. Like other fishing techniques, here also you need to display exceptional patience and wait for right moments to wrap up the fishing rod with the attached fish. If you fail to exhibit ultimate patience, you might have to return empty handed with a frustrated look and body gesture.


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